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One Win Choice "Conveyor" LP
One Win Choice "Conveyor" LP Quantity in Basket: None
Code: JST-067LP
Price: $8.99
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
17 available for immediate delivery
Vinyl Color Choice:

The second full-length from this South Jersey/Philly five-piece. Conveyor shows how much the band has matured since 2007's Never Suspend Disbelief and are starting to blaze their own musical path more than wearing their influences on their sleeves. The 13 tracks that make up Conveyor are the band's most ambitious work to date and fuse the band's intelligent and thought provoking lyrics with melodic hardcore punk that surly has it's roots in bands like Refused and Strike Anywhere but clearly show the band's intention to write their own storyline.

The LP version of this record includes an awesome diecut gatefold jacket, full-color sleeve, poster, and digital download coupon. The first pressing of 500 comes in black (100) and black/yellow mix (400 and mostly solid yellow with some variation throughout/no guarantee on what version of yellow you'll receive) colored vinyl!

Track Listing:
1. Movements
2. Places
3. Who Threw Out the Itinerary?
4. Act Your Age
5. Paint Me a Better World
6. If Hell Existed
7. Frame Your Favorite Pictures
8. Where Your Allegiance Lies
9. Ocean, Luzerne, Monroe
10. A Convincing Argument Against
11. Hands Over Hearts
12. Breathing Normally
13. Release Me

Don't want to wait for your copy of this release to arrive in the mail? Why not download it from one of our digital partners?

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